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Photo: Diwang Valdez

Photo: Diwang Valdez

Interview: Diwang Valdez


“Riot.”  Tit told me to come up to the studio and I had a beat that I had made that week and we recorded two joints that night.  “Riot” was the second one that I played for him.  He recorded the first two that I played for him, and “Riot” was the second one.  It just turned out crazy.  As soon as it dropped, it just picked up momentum.  

I have been working with D, who is CEO of Bases Loaded Records.  We had done some work before.  Ca$h Out was out moving in the club, campaigning his songs and shit.  He had a couple street hits in the club.  We made one record, probably a year before that and then a year after that we went in and we made “Cashin’ Out.”  I feel like it was a good song.  When I was mixing it, I feel like it was a number one record.  And it came true.

I was actually on tour with Waka for about 6 or 7 months.  I’ve been vibing with him for a while on the road.  I just brought him some beats one day.  Actually, I didn’t even think he was going to pick that beat.  And shit, he picked that beat and shit, he made “Rooster In My Rari.”  

That’s crazy.  Actually, the same night I had bought the MPC Renaissance.  It was the new one.  I went home and I was fucking with it, and “Nacho$” was the FIRST beat I made on it.  It was actually the ONLY beat I ever made on it, because after that the software issues kept fucking up with my Logic.  So, I stopped fucking with it.  I don’t know, I felt like Rocko would be right on it.  I took it to him and he instantly recorded it, and shit, it was “Nacho$.”

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