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Hold It Down Foam Hand by Esperanza ATL

Hold It Down Foam Hand by Esperanza ATL

Editor’s Journal Entry 1/9/14

#printaintdead. I’ve been saying that phrase over and over in my head (and on Twitter, IG, and to anyone who wants to hear it) ever since the Cashew team sat down to talk about how we would produce, execute and release our first journal to the masses. A year later the fruits of our labor are being realized, consumed and promoted by the very community whose stories we wanted to share with the world albeit one city and volume at a time. One the eve of our launch, I couldn’t be more proud. Call it a bold statement, but next to Andre and Big Boi announcing their “reunion” (let’s be clear they took a break, they didn’t break up), I’d say our the Cashew Company Journal’s Atlanta Edition is one of the best things to happen to Terminus City in a long ass time. 

“The South got something to say!” 

I can still hear Andre’s voice at The Source awards in front of that angry mob booing New Yorkers years ago. Andre was right then. He’s right now. If anything comes across in the 200+ pages of our book, it’s that the South, and Atlanta in particular, does indeed have more to offer than meets the eye or that’s actually covered by the alleged purveyors of the city’s culture.

Over the past couples weeks I’ve been getting a lot of the same line of questioning from our peers, interested parties and even my momma (what up, Naomi?); “What is Cashew?” “How can I get involved?” “I got a story you need, can we get in the magazine?”

This is not a magazine.

If you have spent time, like really sat down to peruse the journal word for word, image to image and Ferrari boy to 2 Flaaaamez, then you know that this is something way more than just a new, cool entity of ATL’s “other ground” scene.

What is Cashew? Read it and find out. How can you get involved? We’re still figuring that out. For now, I just want everyone to get to know the journal. To quote my brother and editorial spirit animal, Kenny Keil (CC co-founder), Volume I, “showcases Atlanta's vast and wildly diverse creative spectrum in a thoughtful, cohesive, and expertly curated way.”

Translation: the South is still talking. Are you listening?

— Gavin Godfrey, CC Editor