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Here's a little Monday motivation for those of us running late for school, work, and life in general this morning. Our very own distinguished man of letters Gavin Godfrey recently sat down with Dax Rudnak for an in depth exploration of the man's life, work and philosophy. Gems were dropped, drugs were definitely not taken (hi, mom), and you can read about the whole sordid affair in Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition.

In the meantime, marinate on this interview excerpt for a minute. Then get out there and make something.

Photo Credit: Diwang Valdez

Photo Credit: Diwang Valdez

Do something worth mentioning about by the time you fucking die. Just don’t be the person that jumps in these pictures at the club all the time and think you’re fucking famous. Fame is not what it’s all about. Leave something for people to enjoy that will inspire them for years.
— Dr. Dax, Cashew Co Volume 1: Atlanta