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E-Book | Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition

Cashew Co

Hey guys!  Remember us? We put out that Journal that one time? The really cool looking one with all the artists, designers, and musicians from Atlanta. Yeah, that one. Well, get this – We're doing it again. Only this time, it's about New Orleans. We've got rappers, we got producers, we got graffiti legends, we got photographers, we got sign painters, we got New Orleans Indians, we got No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money Millionaires. Man, listen... We even got a chef. We're really putting the "lit" in literature with this one.

And to celebrate the upcoming release of the Cashew Company Journal:  New Orleans Edition,  for the first time ever we're making the Atlanta issue available for digital download. Ten bucks, and it's all yours. That's right, for the measly cost of 2 $5 footlongs from Subway, or 4 6" sandwiches from Subway, you can own this gorgeous, 250 page, full-color monument to Atlanta subculture on your desktop or mobile device. Cashew Co, Read Fresh™.

And don't think we forgot about you, people who already copped the Atlanta Edition. We were just saving the best for last. To get your free digital download, simply email with a picture of you holding your book and we will send you the link! Just our little way of saying thank you for being a friend.