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Photo: Diwang Valdez

Photo: Diwang Valdez

Two brothers, 10 questions. Our cover boys, The ATL Twins, chopped it up with Gavin and here’s a preview.

Mentor: Harmony Korine.
Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms.
Best City Outside ATL: LA or New York. It’s a tie.
Color: Don’t care.
Phobias: Hell yea, anxiety. Plane rides. The plane is a phobia. Snakes. We’re fascinated by snakes, but we’re scared of them too. At the same time anxiety is scary thing. We take Xanax for that.
Drink of choice: Grey Goose.
Movie: “Kids.”
Song: “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” Frankie Lymon, “Goodbye Horses,” Q Lazzarus. People think we’re like super into Hip Hop. We like oldies, bruh. We listen to Doo Wop, you know what I mean?
Food: McDonalds, nah Blue Fin, nah McDonalds, Longhorn…Wendy’s, we say Wendy’s.
Dream job: Being able to do what you want to do and having a good time doing that and making money. Oh, and having sex with a different girl every day in the process.

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