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Photo: Diwang Valdez

Photo: Diwang Valdez

You can’t get more Atlanta than Curtis Snow. From the bowels of Vine City to the borough of Brooklyn the name commands respect and as one of our cover boys, it also means you have to sit down for 10 The Hard Way with Cashew’s editor, Gavin.

Favorite Cereal: Pop’s.

Best place to eat in Atlanta: Curly’s. RIP.

Hidden talents: I’m musician and I’m a comedian.

Favorite color: Green.

Do you have a phobia: Nah.

Drink of choice: Taaka Vodka.

Favorite movie: “Night at the Roxbury.”

Favorite song: “Back To The Hotel” by N2Deep.

Best place to visit outside of Atlanta: Victoryland Casino in Alabama.

Dream job: My dream job? A philosopher, just talking to folks and shit.

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