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E-Book | Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition

Cashew Co

Hey guys!  Remember us? We put out that Journal that one time? The really cool looking one with all the artists, designers, and musicians from Atlanta. Yeah, that one. Well, get this – We're doing it again. Only this time, it's about New Orleans. We've got rappers, we got producers, we got graffiti legends, we got photographers, we got sign painters, we got New Orleans Indians, we got No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money Millionaires. Man, listen... We even got a chef. We're really putting the "lit" in literature with this one.

And to celebrate the upcoming release of the Cashew Company Journal:  New Orleans Edition,  for the first time ever we're making the Atlanta issue available for digital download. Ten bucks, and it's all yours. That's right, for the measly cost of 2 $5 footlongs from Subway, or 4 6" sandwiches from Subway, you can own this gorgeous, 250 page, full-color monument to Atlanta subculture on your desktop or mobile device. Cashew Co, Read Fresh™.

And don't think we forgot about you, people who already copped the Atlanta Edition. We were just saving the best for last. To get your free digital download, simply email with a picture of you holding your book and we will send you the link! Just our little way of saying thank you for being a friend.

Get Out Their Lane.

Cashew Co

In honor of Gucci Mane's birthday – and to provide our snowed-in Atlanta readership with some much needed hotness – Cashew Co. proudly presents F.E.R.R.A.R.I. BOYZ, a webcomic tribute to the trap's very own dynamic duo.

We'll be posting a new page every week, so check back early and often as F.E.R.R.A.R.I. BOYZ #2: THE TRAPPIN' DEAD unfolds! It's all going down RIGHT HERE.

P.S. Confused? You can read F.E.R.R.A.R.I. BOYZ #1 right here

P.P.S. Still confused? Yeah, us too.

Bout That Loaf

Cashew Co

Big things are poppin' this week at CCHQ, but we would be truly remiss if we didn't take a moment to say thanks to Rodney Charmichael and Creative Loafing Atlanta for the wonderful write-up they gave Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition. The piece stars our very own founding father Diwang Valdez and traces the Cashew Crew's origin story from our humble beginnings as entrepreneurial art school kids all the way to our humble endings as self-publishers with accidental mob ties. Check it out.

That Happened

Cashew Co

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 2.06.06 PM.png

Last night was mad (sur)real. Thanks for all the love to everyone that came through, helped out, and turned up! It was an amazing night and we couldn't have done it without you all.

Extra warm S/O's to DJ SpeakerFoxxx, Two-9, ABV Gallery, Cathead Vodka, Whynatte, beATLab USA, Uber, 5 Star Relations, and Motion Family. 

If you missed it (or just wanna experience the magic all over again), peep the hashtag #CashewCo on your Instagrams, Twitters, and WhatNots. See you next time. 

Stay tuned...


The South Got Something to Say

Cashew Co

Hold It Down Foam Hand by Esperanza ATL

Hold It Down Foam Hand by Esperanza ATL

Editor’s Journal Entry 1/9/14

#printaintdead. I’ve been saying that phrase over and over in my head (and on Twitter, IG, and to anyone who wants to hear it) ever since the Cashew team sat down to talk about how we would produce, execute and release our first journal to the masses. A year later the fruits of our labor are being realized, consumed and promoted by the very community whose stories we wanted to share with the world albeit one city and volume at a time. One the eve of our launch, I couldn’t be more proud. Call it a bold statement, but next to Andre and Big Boi announcing their “reunion” (let’s be clear they took a break, they didn’t break up), I’d say our the Cashew Company Journal’s Atlanta Edition is one of the best things to happen to Terminus City in a long ass time. 

“The South got something to say!” 

I can still hear Andre’s voice at The Source awards in front of that angry mob booing New Yorkers years ago. Andre was right then. He’s right now. If anything comes across in the 200+ pages of our book, it’s that the South, and Atlanta in particular, does indeed have more to offer than meets the eye or that’s actually covered by the alleged purveyors of the city’s culture.

Over the past couples weeks I’ve been getting a lot of the same line of questioning from our peers, interested parties and even my momma (what up, Naomi?); “What is Cashew?” “How can I get involved?” “I got a story you need, can we get in the magazine?”

This is not a magazine.

If you have spent time, like really sat down to peruse the journal word for word, image to image and Ferrari boy to 2 Flaaaamez, then you know that this is something way more than just a new, cool entity of ATL’s “other ground” scene.

What is Cashew? Read it and find out. How can you get involved? We’re still figuring that out. For now, I just want everyone to get to know the journal. To quote my brother and editorial spirit animal, Kenny Keil (CC co-founder), Volume I, “showcases Atlanta's vast and wildly diverse creative spectrum in a thoughtful, cohesive, and expertly curated way.”

Translation: the South is still talking. Are you listening?

— Gavin Godfrey, CC Editor

Git Up, Git Out

Cashew Co


Special thanks to our sponsors Cathead Vodka, ABV Gallery, Motion Family, Two-9, Beatlab, and Whynatte for bringing the dream to life. First 50 copies come with a complimentary 40oz of Colt 45 to enhance the reading experience.

Listen to The Doctor

Cashew Co

Here's a little Monday motivation for those of us running late for school, work, and life in general this morning. Our very own distinguished man of letters Gavin Godfrey recently sat down with Dax Rudnak for an in depth exploration of the man's life, work and philosophy. Gems were dropped, drugs were definitely not taken (hi, mom), and you can read about the whole sordid affair in Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition.

In the meantime, marinate on this interview excerpt for a minute. Then get out there and make something.

Photo Credit: Diwang Valdez

Photo Credit: Diwang Valdez

Do something worth mentioning about by the time you fucking die. Just don’t be the person that jumps in these pictures at the club all the time and think you’re fucking famous. Fame is not what it’s all about. Leave something for people to enjoy that will inspire them for years.
— Dr. Dax, Cashew Co Volume 1: Atlanta

2014: The Year of the Wampus Cat

Cashew Co

From our top-secret subvolcanic distribution center to yours, here's to a healthy and prosperous 2014. May your victories be flawless and your haters be plentiful. Watch this space for fresh content and some life-changing announcements soon to come. 1.11.14, ya bish.

Rap Game Johannes Gutenberg

Cashew Co

Started from the bottom, now it's here. Almost. Cashew Company Journal: Atlanta Edition is hot off the press and making its way into your hoods (and hearts) very soon. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge, y'all.

Mmm. That new journal smell

Mmm. That new journal smell


Cashew Co

Photo: Diwang Valdez

Photo: Diwang Valdez

You can’t get more Atlanta than Curtis Snow. From the bowels of Vine City to the borough of Brooklyn the name commands respect and as one of our cover boys, it also means you have to sit down for 10 The Hard Way with Cashew’s editor, Gavin.

Favorite Cereal: Pop’s.

Best place to eat in Atlanta: Curly’s. RIP.

Hidden talents: I’m musician and I’m a comedian.

Favorite color: Green.

Do you have a phobia: Nah.

Drink of choice: Taaka Vodka.

Favorite movie: “Night at the Roxbury.”

Favorite song: “Back To The Hotel” by N2Deep.

Best place to visit outside of Atlanta: Victoryland Casino in Alabama.

Dream job: My dream job? A philosopher, just talking to folks and shit.

Read the rest of the Curtis’ cover story when the Cashew Co. Journal : Atlanta.


Cashew Co

Photo: Diwang Valdez

Photo: Diwang Valdez

Two brothers, 10 questions. Our cover boys, The ATL Twins, chopped it up with Gavin and here’s a preview.

Mentor: Harmony Korine.
Favorite cereal: Lucky Charms.
Best City Outside ATL: LA or New York. It’s a tie.
Color: Don’t care.
Phobias: Hell yea, anxiety. Plane rides. The plane is a phobia. Snakes. We’re fascinated by snakes, but we’re scared of them too. At the same time anxiety is scary thing. We take Xanax for that.
Drink of choice: Grey Goose.
Movie: “Kids.”
Song: “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” Frankie Lymon, “Goodbye Horses,” Q Lazzarus. People think we’re like super into Hip Hop. We like oldies, bruh. We listen to Doo Wop, you know what I mean?
Food: McDonalds, nah Blue Fin, nah McDonalds, Longhorn…Wendy’s, we say Wendy’s.
Dream job: Being able to do what you want to do and having a good time doing that and making money. Oh, and having sex with a different girl every day in the process.

Read the rest of the ATL Twins’ cover story when the Cashew Co. Journal : Atlanta